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Where We Started
Owner and General Manager, Mario Pacetti returned home to Southwest Louisiana in 2007 to work as an equipment operator on some of Louisiana’s largest pipeline projects. In 2014, he gained specific training from the National Stormwater Center to become a Certified Stormwater Inspector and SWPPP & BMP designer.

Our Services

Stormwater Solutions Louisiana has grown into the region’s go-to company for SWPPP Reports, inspections, site preparation, retention pond stabilization, silt fence, hydroseeding and other erosion prevention & site stabilization services. We are a proven partner in helping businesses and residents protect their investments and the environment for generations to come using best management practices. Stormwater Solutions Louisiana works with contractors through all phases of a project. As the project changes, so will the SWPPP requirements to ensure the site is ready for work..

Complete Service Portfolio

Our Team
With two locations and more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry, our team of dedicated, educated and enthusiastic stormwater management experts help our customers understand complicated laws, avoid expensive violations and navigate through all aspects of the complex relationship between the built environment and the natural ecosystem. We understand that any delay in the construction process could cost a company not only time, but money and resources. We treat every project as if it was our own from start to finish.


Mario Pacetti

General Manager/Owner
Licensed Contractor
(LA License No 74696)
EPA Certified Stormwater Inspector

Chelsea Pacetti

Office Manager/Owner
Licensed Landscape Horticulturist
(License No 4642)
EPA Certified Stormwater Inspector

Stormwater West (Lake Charles)

Toni Keith

Executive Administrative Assistant
EPA Certified Stormwater Inspector
Landscape Horticulturist #4833

Travis Mehoves

Landscape Manager
Irrigation Contractor #0825
Commercial Pesticide Applicator #004GF9

Stormwater East (Baton Rouge)

John Werner

Eastern Division Operations Manager
EPA Certified Stormwater Inspector

Bill Bailey

Field Operations
EPA Certified Stormwater Inspector

Justin Harper

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