After returning home to Southwest Louisiana in 2007, Mario worked as an equipment operator on some of Louisiana’s largest pipeline projects. While working, he gained specific training from the National Stormwater Center as a Stormwater Inspector and SWPPP and BMP designer. Stormwater Solutions Louisiana has grown into Southwest Louisiana’s go-to company for SWPPP’s, site preparation, retention pond stabilization, silt fence, pre-construction videos and other erosion prevention and site stabilization.

The Stormwater Solutions Louisiana Team

Mario Pacetti

Mario Pacetti

General Manager/Owner
Licensed Contractor (LA License No 74696)
EPA Certified Stormwater Inspector
Chelsea Pacetti

Chelsea Pacetti

Office Manager/Owner
Licensed Landscape Horticulturist (License No 4642)
EPA Certified Stormwater Inspector

Stormwater West - Lake Charles Office

Mario Pacetti

General Manager/Owner

Chelsea Pacetti

Office Manager/Owner

Preston Walker

Project Manager

Toni Keith

Executive Administrative Assistant
EPA Certified Stormwater Inspector

Travis Mehoves

Landscape Manager
Licensed Irrigation Specialist
(License No 0825)

Stormwater East – Walker Office

John Werner

East Operations Manager
EPA Certified Stormwater Inspector

Bill Bailey

Project Manager
EPA Certified Stormwater Inspector

Justin Harper



  • SWPPP Reports
  • Prepare NOI To Be Filed With DEQ
  • Site Inspections (NPDES Certified)
  • Site Maintenance
  • Site BMP's: DOTD & Wire-backed Silt Fence , Erosion Matting, Rock Drives, Pond Stabilization, Storm Drain Protection, Check Dams, Street Sweeping, Stock Piling of Material, Clearing, Grubbing, Sodding, and Final Stabilization
  • Hydroseeding
  • EPA Certified Inspections
  • Aerial Pre-construction Videos and Photos
  • Site Grass Work and Maintenance
  • Culvert installation
  • Site Grading

We are a support team that contractors can rely on.

Help prevent unnecessary delays.

We are the only company in Southwest Louisiana that specializes in BMP implementation during all phases of the project. We are a full-service company that treats every project as if it was our own. We are both from Southwest Louisiana and take pride in keeping our natural environment intact and protected for the generations to come.

We install all site Best Management Practices.

Ensure site is ready to work

We conduct site evaluations and design a SWPPP that will protect both the environment and contractor. We install all site Best Management Practices to ensure site is ready to work and contractors can get started in the time expected. Stormwater Solutions Louisiana works with contractors through all phases of their project as the project changes, so will the SWPPP.

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry we are a SWPPP support team that contractors can rely on every step of the way and help prevent unnecessary delays for SWPPP related violations. We understand that any delays in the construction process can cost a company not only time but also money.


What Our Clients Have To Say

  • Charlie DuBose

    "For the past several years we have used Stormwater Solutions for all of our erosion control and SWPPP needs.  From the largest complex projects to the small and simple projects, the results are consistently a cost effective and professional product.  Mario and his team are a valuable resource we intend to continue using on future projects.

    Charlie DuBose
    IDIM Construction, LLC
  • Pepper Shay
    Stormwater Solutions is a very knowledgeable and reliable company. Mario is always accessible and eager to do business with you. He stays on top of the storm water needs and keeps contractors in compliance with the changing demands in the construction industry. Mario and his employees are a group above the rest!
    Pepper Shay
    MBP Construction
  • Nick Grabert, Senior Project Manager
    Mario and his crew do a fantastic job. You will get a great product with even better service. Communication is absolutely critical in this business and they do a great job of keeping you informed.
    Nick Grabert, Senior Project Manager
    Byron E. Talbot Contractor, Inc.
  • Don Trahan
    Stormwater Solutions Louisiana is a very reputable company. Ever since their conception they have been consistently on time, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. The great thing about them is that all of the employees share those same qualities and really take pride in their work.  
    Don Trahan
    Southern Lifestyle Development